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May 30th At 3:42PM]

[ mood | blank ]

well i havent had a layout in awhile that is actually decent and i was wondering if anyone would possibly make an awesome CARTEL layout?? please do creative people :)

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May 14th At 10:58AM]

why is everything on here now for myspace? this is a livejournal layout community. whatever happened to the layouts for livejournal? no one seems to make them in here any more.
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February 27th At 7:34PM]

Okayyy, I need some help from all you guys.

I'm finishing up a layout, but having trouble with the tables. I need them to be 300 pixels wide and for it to match up with the header, if you need an example, the little textbox sidebars are already lined up with the header and such. I don't know what's wrong. =\

The layout is here-- truthespian

And here's the codes to see if you can help me with what the hell I need to do.

Please and thank you.

February 19th At 10:13PM]

has anyone made a paramore layout?

February 16th At 5:27PM]

[ mood | geeky ]

Hey everybody! =)

Just a quick (and slightly dumbass) question for you:

How do I remove layouts from my memories section, or are they just stuck there in time and journal forever? =/

Thanks, and I hope y'all have a great Friday tomorrow!!

<3<3<3<3 - Liz

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February 9th At 6:30PM]

I have a Portugal. The Man band layout (check my journal to see it) and I was thinking of posting it. But I wasn't sure if anyone would use it because they aren't a well known band.

What do you guys think? Should I post it?
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February 1st At 3:03PM]

[ mood | bitchy ]

well i always like OUR LADY PEACE but i prefer their older stuff but i like anything from "Clumsy" to "Healthy In Paranoid Times"

I know their an older band so i didnt expect anyone to make layouts...
but if you could layouts w. lyrics?



January 18th At 5:54PM]


i like rainbows. do you like rainbows?

there are hardly no rainbow layouts anywhere.

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January 15th At 8:58PM]

The Strokes Layout? Please?

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January 14th At 4:55PM]

I know it's a layout community but I was wondering if anyone wants me to make them some userinfos? You know, I'll make a header...do the html for the background color and stuff and then you can fill in your own info...what do you guys think.

If you have no clue what I'm talking about you can check my userinfo...
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January 9th At 10:30PM]

None of the layouts are working for my Lj.
the only thing that shows up is the background color.
nothing else changes.
It all worked before
but now its not.
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December 31st At 10:32AM]
so i see that some of the layout makers are posting again annnnnnnnnnnd i reallllllly think one of yo ushould make a glassjw layout :) k
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November 30th At 7:36PM]
i really want to see some glassjaw stuff
jsut a suggestionnnn
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suggestion [Sunday
November 20th At 6:45PM]

how about some...

-spill canvas
-reggie and the full effect
-bullet for my valentine
-armor for sleep
-roses are read
-dead poetic
-circa surive
-streetlight manifesto

..just some suggestions :]
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November 17th At 12:10PM]

yea i was wondering if anyone had made any good Lamb of God layouts?
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November 13th At 12:39AM]

[ mood | calm ]

Okay. I know this is a layout community, and not an icon community, BUT, did anyone post any Gary Jules/"Mad World" icons in here lately? I looked at all the possble communities that they could have been posted in, but I haven't found them. Has anyone seen them anywhere else?

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November 5th At 2:12AM]

Alright, I'm bored and I want to do some layouts, but I have no idea what to do.

Give me:
or other suggestions

THIS IS NOT A REQUEST POST. Just suggestions for layout for me to do later.
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sugguestions [Wednesday
November 2nd At 7:20PM]

[ mood | working ]

maybe some reel big fish layouts because i have not seen one!
along with some more the who layouts i've only seen 1 so far :)
311 would be nice.
and..some wicked ass HELLOGOODBYE LAYOUTS.

anyone agree?

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October 15th At 9:39PM]

Isn't moshpit layouts sweet?
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